Our members HAVE UNIQUE experienceS UNLIKE any other organization.
Diplomatic Council members can participate in Diplomatic Council Forums, Directorates, Programs, and Initiatives. Business executives will have the opportunity to elevate their organizations and careers through numerous high-level engagement channels.

The Diplomatic Council presents its expertise and objectives at many high-level events and offers our members the ability to grow their careers unlike in any other organization. The escalation of personal and professional prestige and advancement cannot be found elsewhere. Our members have special access to the United Nations, Embassies around the world and elite business networking gatherings of thought leaders within their areas of expertise.

Highly motivated members will have the opportunity to enter the Diplomatic Council Leadership. Spreading and promoting United Nations Charter via white papers, publications and speeches, attending elite business networking conferences and events around the world, presenting at international Diplomatic Council Conferences, organizing side events at United Nations Conferences and finally participating in Diplomatic Council projects, programs, and initiatives are just some of the activities in which Diplomatic Council members can participate.

All of our members have the privilege to influence the United Nations through our Diplomatic Council Commission for UN Affairs. All of our members receive a "Diplomatic Council UN Consultative Status Trusted Member" seal to represent this exclusive status.